Bei Wang

Brand Interpreter & Culture Broker

A brand interpreter studies, communicates and localises brand with high level of cultural intelligence, bringing the core and essence of the brand to the target groups effectively while keeping the messages consistent.

Culture broker is a specialist who serves as a mediator between diverse cultural groups or persons from different cultural backgrounds with the goal of reducing conflicts and generating changes. Culture gets into everything and "navigations" are incredibly illuminating.

BW Media Consulting

I am an experienced media consultant and communication strategist specialised in public sector, private sector, business world and social organisations.

Having worked in international organisations with strong trackrecord, I have set up my own solution-focused communication, media and public relation service.


World Benchmarking Alliance

Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend RVO
Leiden University Asia Centre
Saxion university of applied sciences
Zuyd university of applied sciences
University of Amsterdam
Confucius institute Maastricht
Hello Asia
RNW Media

Influencer marketing agency (IMA)
Expertise in Labour Mobility
Blue Ocean Network
Xinhuanet Europe
ESCP Business School